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* Who can have an art party?
     Your party can be for kids, families or adults only.
        *Children must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

* Where can I have my party?
   Your location - house, apartment, clubhouse, business, country club, backyard, barn...
         Yes we did have a party in a horse barn! : )
       Or we have a choice of multiple cultural or community center available for a additional fee.

* How long does a party last?
Kids painting parties typically last between a hour to an hour and a half.
      Adult & Family painting parties are usually one and a half to 2 hours.

​         -Some additional time is needed for set up and cleanup.

* What is included in my painting party?
Painting Parties include all paints, brushes and canvases, table clothes and small easels

        necessary for your guests to create their own work of art.

        We do not provide refreshments.

      Coloring Parties include coloring pages and all the markers, colored pencils and art supplies

        needed for your guests to create their own coloring page.
* Will my party have an instructor? 
   Yes! Our parties are guided by a professional art instructor.

* Can I choose the theme of the painting we create?
Yes! You can choose a painting from the KGrahamStudios website or you can choose a theme

         based on your favorite photos or favorite art styles. You can also choose a seasonal theme

         or a subject related to your organization or business likea logo or trademark.
         Another option is "Open Paint Night" where everyone chooses their own picture from their

         cellphones - In this case the instructor will not demonstrate but will still instruct individually.

         Great for surprise parties!

* How much will my party cost?
  The price for your painting party will be based on the number of participants you expect

      Prices are valid for the Denver metro area but a travel charge may apply outside

      Denver metro area.

* Should I reserve my party date in advance? How do I pay?
Yes! You should reserve your date as soon as you are sure of it. Holiday, weekends and

         evening​ dates are popular! We do require a non-refundable deposit to reserve your date.

         Or you may pay the balance in full up front if more convenient. The deposit will be applied

         to the total due. The remaining balance is expected before the start of your event.
          *If you need to reschedule your event due to an emergency or inclement weather you

            can apply your deposit to a future date within six months of your originally scheduled

            event date.       Reserve My Date Art Party Now!


* How do I pay for my party?
  Contact us prior to making your payment to confirm your requested date is available and for

         more information about how to make your payment.

       You can pay via Paypal with a bank​​ account or credit card or if you would prefer to avoid the

​         payment fee off 3% you can send us a check that clears in advance of your party date.

          If you have placed a deposit it will becredited to the balance which is due prior to the

          start of the event.

* Are their other creative activities available for my party?
Yes. You can have a "Create My Own Coloring Page" Party!
          Includes artist created coloring pages and all the markers, colored pencils and art supplies

          needed to create your own unique coloring page.

* Can I have a Party for my charity?
Yes charitable organizations are welcome and may add an additional participant fee to the 

​              price for each painter for their own fundraising purposes. 

​                            or
       KGS will give a 10% discount or donation to reputable Colorado 501(c)(3) Animal

         Charities who host a KGS Art Party upon request.

* How do I get more information about Youth Art Lesson and Art Camps?
Call or email us  for questions about reserving private art lessons or about classes & art


* Contact us by phone or email if you have any additional question not answered here or to

       reserve your party date, to book an art lesson or purchase Fine Art by K. Graham

    Please leave a message and include your name, desired party date and phone number if

       you get our voicemail as we may be teaching others how to create their own works of art. : )